A perfect combination of the extraordinary fertility of the soil and ideal weather conditions characterized by a Mediterranean climate, originate important wines which recall a territory rich of traditions and history. The continuing Simone Capecci’s commitment aims to preserve the peculiarities, the scents, colors and flavors inherited from his land, in which Simone continues today a continuous enhancement of the wines from the Piceno tradition, with a constant attention to organic farming, research and innovation, in order to improve and enhance traditional and indigenous varieties such as Pecorino, Passerina, Sangiovese and Montepulciano.




The land has a high lime content and alkaline pH and the soils that support the vines always have depth greater than 80/100 cm, which enables the roots to have a considerable volume of explored soil and an AWC (available water capacity) high , always more than 150 mm, so as to ensure a certain moisture content of the soil in the nearby of summer drought periods. A poor water underground, but which retains moisture, absolute peculiarity of this territory, does not allow the company to use irrigation systems, with full respect for the authenticity of the final product. 




The Piceni people, who inhabited this area, were the first to spread the myth and the cult of the Mother Goddess, tied to the concept of fertility and productivity, symbol of good luck. The willingness to take this symbol as the company’s logo is a tribute to the fertility of the soil, the primordial element from which we get the most valuable products.     .




Cement, difficult to penetrate, preserves and protects the product as if it were an impressive vault. The properties of these containers favor the stability of the so-called oxidation-reduction potential, allow to maintain a constant temperature without any changes during the fermentation process and avoiding micro-circles in the refining phase.




A rhythm dictated by nature takes its course, an harmony which is man's and company’s job to adapt, as it happened at the origin of humanity, by virtue of a perfect synchronicity  to keep and preserve jealously. Everything  is entrusted to the benevolence of the Mother Goddess, the bringer of fertility and productivity, to which the company likes to be inspired.


A hymn to nature, to earth, to traditions, to passion, to authenticity and respect, this is the fundamental essence of Simone Capecci’s thought and the mantra which is constantly inspired by the company, a memorandum which reminds us tirelessly that to lead a happy and fulfilling life requires that each of us find his own innate natural balance, in life as well as in a good glass of wine.